With todays environmental issues the demand for lower energy costs and reductions in green house gases means that new homes, factories and offices are built tightly sealed and well insulated. This creates common problems such as humidity, odours and dust.

To comply with building regulations all these areas require ventilation. At Ductwork Services (I.O.W.) Ltd we will design and install a heat recovery system to best suit your needs and requirements for your business premises.

For our domestic customers our whole house heat recovery systems extracts the air from Kitchens, Bathrooms, Shower Rooms, Toilets and transfers up to 90% of the heat combined with the new fresh filtered air to other areas of your home. This system can also be applied to offices, factories and many other commercial or industrial properties but on a grander scale.

All the HRV units and air handling units can be fitted with a heat battery for the winter and cooling coils for the summer.