Since 2004 the responsibility for risk assessment has been placed on the building owners with a very strict “Duty of Care” placed on the manager of the premises. It stipulates that grease extract systems for commercial and industrial kitchens must be assessed for fire hazard and action must be taken to eliminate or minimise potential risk.

Ductwork Services (I.O.W.) Ltd are increasingly dealing with business’s who insurance companies now require evidence that regular risk assessment and professional extract cleaning has been put in place.

Our canopy cleaning service includes degreasing externally and internally, the extract fans will be carefully degreased along with grilles and dampers. All ducting will be degreased where accessible. New grease filters can also be provided. Our full detailed report and certificate will then be issued for you and your insurance company’s records. We offer an unparallel level of service which keeps the commercial kitchen extract system working to its optimum performance.

An out of hour’s service can be provided so your kitchen does not have to be closed at your peak times, free assessment and quotation provided on request.